Columbia, S.C., USA, November 30, 2018—(Co)Action Lab founder Dr. Tracy A. Corley delivered an interactive workshop on self-advocacy at the Morning Glo Internet Café on Nov. 28, 2018. "Speaking Up for a Better Life: A Primer in Personal Advocacy" provided participants with strategies for speaking up for themselves on important issues, including health, pay and finances.

The Internet Café provides members of the Denny Terrace community and its surrounding area in Columbia, South Carolina, with a place to access computers, connect with social services through SC Thrive Benefit Bank Counselors, and to build personal relationships. Café co-founders Annie Ball, Dean Slade and Stacey Atkinson launched the initiative to help young people ages 17-25, especially those at risk, to build resources and develop career and life skills. The Internet Café developed from a Collaborative Community Promise between SC Thrive; The Door Home; Serve2Earn; One Community at Christ Mission; Koinonia, an Asset Based Community Development non-profit corporation; Antioch Baptist Church; New St. Thomas Reformed Episcopal Church; and several other local partners. With help from faith-based and secular community and business leaders, the collaborative aims to create a "relational place called HOME," a “Church Without Walls.” Morning Glo Internet Café is the frame, specifically designed to assist those in transition, poverty, or need.

This project is funded by grants from The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, The Door Home, other private charities, and donations. The Café is currently seeking additional funds to expand its current operation and extend it to the locations of its partner organizations.

For more information about the Morning Glo Internet Café and its mission, please contact Annie Ball at 803-351-8895