Dr. Tracy A. Corley started the (Co)Action Lab as a grassroots online community and publication so that people could explore, share, and discuss the successes and challenges of the economic and social issues that they face every day.

Our Contributors

Our contributors include practitioners, storytellers, scholars, and advocates who are dedicated to improving people's lives in their communities and around the world. View their profiles.

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Our Editorial Staff

Our volunteer editorial staff maintain this online community, coordinate (Co)Action Lab contributors, and curate their submissions.

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How We Can Help You

We help you tackle your local social and economic challenges by:

  • Convening practitioners, scholars, journalists, policymakers, and other experts

  • Curating and interrogating popular press, practices, and scholarship for ethics and efficacy

  • Sharing solutions and emerging innovations from different regions of the world

  • Challenging status quo assumptions and approaches to your context-specific concerns

  • Facilitating assessments of what has and has not worked in your community

  • Collaborating with local communities on pressing issues

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Our Mission

To convene thinkers, doers, investigators, and storytellers for exchanging and interrogating emerging ideas, solutions, and puzzles involving our world’s toughest socioeconomic problems.

Our Value Proposition

We provide a collaborative action laboratory — a global venue and curated expertise for timely, relevant ideas and solutions for improving lives and livelihoods for all.

Our Philosophy

The (Co)Action Lab brings together practitioners, community members, scholars, policymakers, and storytellers to foster truly interdisciplinary, actionable approaches to our world’s economic and social concerns.

We recognize that every person has some expertise to contribute to making a positive difference in people’s lives.

We understand that complex social issues require multifaceted, sometimes incremental approaches that engage all stakeholders — not just scholars, elites, or political leaders — in identifying social problems, theorizing and testing alternatives and solutions, and sharing outcomes with others around the world.

One size never fits all, and working in a vacuum sucks. Only through collaboration and sharing across practice areas and expertise can we generate context-relevant solutions that provide sustainable livelihoods and dignity for all.